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Instrument Métrologie Canada Inc.

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Intelligent contactless laser measurements

Founded in 2015, Instrument Métrologie Canada has developed non-contact laser measurement concepts for 3D Laser vision systems, by Multi-Beam (patented) 3-Conex ™ interferometry.

Our field is Metrology and Micro-Metrology, measurements of the order of a micron and 1/10 of a micron.

Fiber optic interferometric measurement systems, marketed by Instrument Métrologie Canada, allow the measurement of small objects (1 micron = 1/1000 mm) and are used in different industrial sectors for the micrometric control of materials with microscopes using simultaneously laser / camera technology and fiber optic interferometry.

The metrology of the 21st century is done with light and without contact.

We have systems for measuring in hollow spaces, for example, the internal circularity of a hollow cylinder, mechanical wear, internal defects, roughness, and many other parameters.


Printing – Aeronautical – Automotive – Pharmaceutical

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