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Camera vision

F-type artificial intelligence pattern recognition system.

The system works as follows:

  • A high resolution camera is attached to an arched arm;

  • The object to be identified is placed below the camera, on a color variation platform for maximum contrast;

  • Auto focus.


Camera vision makes it possible to:

  • recognize and identify one shape among several hundred or thousands of others;

  • know the position of a part in a complex architecture.

Features and specifications

Measurements by vision and search in databases:

  • Dimensions size;

  • Shapes;

  • Shine;

  • Color;

  • Quality;

  • RGB spectral diagram;

  • Hierarchical order of configuration management;

  • Bar code;

  • RFID code.


Recognition of shapes of any object belonging to a database.


  1. Take a picture of the object;

  2. Create a file;

  3. Save in the dedicated database;

  4. Carry out the research.


Configuration management

Identification of a mechanical part belonging to an engine.

3-Conex ™ microscopy

3-Conex ™ microscopy is different because we get three-dimensional images.

The 3-Conex principle uses a fiber optic laser interferometer to obtain 3-dimensional images, according to the principle below.

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