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Interferometer multi-beam optical probe and system for dimensional measurement 3-conex™

Multibeam laser probe for measurement in hollow spaces by interferometry.


This patented system makes it possible to build the internal mapping of any shape by moving the 3-Conex probe inside the hollow space. 10 000 measuring points per second.

Used to determine:

  • Circularity;

  • Roughness;

  • Surface defects;


Uses 2D and 3D representations.

Features and specifications

The 3-Conex ™ multibeam interferometer:

  • Allows non-contact measurements with 3 laser beams (manually and/or with robotic arm);

  • Uses the principle of Michelson's fiber interferometer (optical fiber).


The incident laser beam is divided into three secondary beams and thus creates an orthonormal reference mark and eliminates the need for X-Y-Z axis positioning systems.


The software creates interpolated point clouds which are represented in 2D or 3D images.

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