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Laser/Camera microscope

The Laser/Camera microscope is a high-precision laboratory inspection system and three-dimensional measuring device.

It is a camera associated with an optical lens of X magnification, making it possible to give a very high definition image. A laser interferometer measures the surface of the workpiece by moving linearly. The software then analyzes the image which gives the surface dimensions (length and width of the surface in microns).

The optical objective is associated with an interferometer which measures the depth or variations of surface state to obtain the third dimension.

After the software processing, we obtain three-dimensional images of high spatial resolution.


Measurements in micrometrology have become necessary for the integration of small objects in the fields of microscopy. Our Laser/Camera system reduces measurement uncertainties, often being less than a tenth of a millimeter to reach a micron.

Our Laser/Camera microscope allows visuals in color that are also dimensional and qualitative.

Features and specifications

It is a measurement system that combines white light and infrared. White light provides an image. The infrared wave is given by a Michelson fiber interferometer.

Z depth and surface morphology are given by the interferometer.

The Laser/Camera microscope is equipped with robotic X-Y actuators.

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